Pubs 2004

In 2004, myself and John McCooke decided to keep count of all the pubs we went to. Several loose rules were made: you must have a drink in each, a pub can be counted only once per night, restaurants don't count but clubs do, trains don't count but ferries have proper bars in them so they do, music festivals were fudged with a count of one visit per day, and several other rules that were made up and probably broken later in the year.

In the end, John just pipped me for most pubs visited in the year. What a slag. But I was out for more nights, so there's some consolation. But it was never a competition, it was the taking part that counted. Oh yes, it was the taking part.

Here's the results:


Total Visits764548664717147566661656063
New Pubs427475643483724273615402826
Nights Out229142019211916222019201821
Total Pubs 476954675939475940575353


Total Visits698866141427142539249494864
New Pubs430724125253814225929333735
Nights Out211221512112118192218171719
Total Pubs 724936335425387641444757